Irrigation Upgrade

Smart Sprinkler Systems in Tyler, TX

Save Time
Save Water
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Water Your Lawn The Smart Way

Imagine a world where you can schedule sprinkler watering times and monitor water usage anywhere at any time. With a wi-fi enabled irrigation controller, you can control your irrigation system from the palm of your hand.

At Clear Choice Outdoor, our wireless irrigation systems distribute water efficiently. This eliminates wasteful overwatering and keeps your lawn healthy.

Upgrade your sprinkler system today. Make every drop count with our wireless irrigation systems in Tyler, TX.


Contact Us

Reach out to our Tyler, TX, sprinkler technicians and set up an appointment to upgrade your sprinkler.


Schedule Service

Have our sprinkler tech drop by your home or business to assess your property and recommend a wi-fi sprinkler upgrade.


Control Your Water

Log in through your web browser or app to easily monitor and adjust watering settings.

Why Upgrade Your Sprinkler System?

Make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Upgrade to our wireless irrigation system and experience these benefits firsthand.

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    Convenience Tailored to You

    Adjust your sprinklers with a tap on your phone, whether you’re at home or miles away. The mobile app makes lawn care a breeze. Enjoy the convenience of managing your irrigation system in sync with your lifestyle.

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    Cost Savings Made Simple

    Cut down on water bills while keeping your lawn lush. Our system’s efficiency doesn’t just make your grass greener. It makes your wallet a little thicker too. You don’t have to spend unnecessary money on over-watering.

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    Customized Control for Your Landscape

    With our wireless system, you can tailor watering schedules based on your specific landscape needs. From flower beds to shrubs, each corner of your garden gets the personalized care it deserves.

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    Low Maintenance, High Impact

    If your sprinkler system ever malfunctions, our smart sprinklers tell you exactly what the issue is and where it is. You spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time troubleshooting irrigation issues.

Smart Watering For Simple Living

Enjoy watering your lawn the easy way. Contact Clear Choice Outdoor in Tyler, TX, to upgrade to a wireless irrigation system.