About Us

Clear Choice Outdoor

Welcome to Clear Choice Outdoor. We believe every outdoor space deserves care and attention. Whether you own a commercial property or a cozy residential garden, we transform your landscaping dreams into reality.

Clear Choice Outdoor offers a wide range of custom landscaping and lawn care services in Tyler, TX. Whether you want lawn maintenance, hardscaping, or more, we have the expertise and experience to handle it all.

Excellence is our standard in every part of our business.

Meet the Owner

Clear Choice Outdoor is led by owner Matt Draffen who’s been in the lawn care industry for nearly a decade. East Texas has a unique landscape with specific characteristics that influence landscaping and gardening practices. As an East Texan, Matt understands the unique needs of the area like soil type and what plant and tree types work best.

At Clear Choice Outdoor, Matt uses this local expertise to cater to the precise needs of East Texas landscapes. This helps him create the best-looking custom landscapes for customers.

East Texas Landscaping Company

We don’t just provide lawn care services in Tyler, TX. Our outdoor contractors and landscapers service all of East Texas.

Get commercial and residential landscaping in East Texas cities like:

  • Flint, TX

  • Bullard, TX

  • Lindale, TX

  • Jacksonville, TX

  • Chandler, TX

  • Canton, TX